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Session Type Maternity



There is nothing more miraculous than that short span of weeks where a child grows from a dream in your mind and a blip on the ultrasound to warm squishy bundle in your arms. There is nothing more naturally beautiful than a mother carrying and nurturing her child, and I absolutely love capturing it.  It’s a time that deserves to be documented for you to look back on for years to come! Maternity sessions are best done between 32 and 37 weeks, and can be done in your home or outdoors on location.

Session Type Newborns


In their first few days of life you want to remember every little detail: the fluff of hair, the milk bumps, the tiny toes, the gassy smiles and big yawns. These things will change and disappear in the blink of an eye, and there are a few different ways I can capture them for you to meet your family’s needs. The Lifestyle Newborn Session takes place in your home within the first few weeks of birth. In this type of session I strive to capture your new everyday since welcoming your little one. I will not pose the baby or bring props. It’s more about documenting baby’s interactions with you and your family in your environment. The Hello World Session is a special session for those new families who want the first few hours of their newborn’s life captured without having the entire labor or birth documented. I will come to your place of birth within the first few days of your baby’s life,  it acts very much as a lifestyle session just in the hospital environment. Whichever options sounds right for you and your family, these sessions are the perfect way to remember those first days forever.

Session Type Families



I’m the youngest in a big family and one of my favorite things to do is look over our old family photos. I love to see how drastically our family changed in the passing years. I also know there are gaps between photos bigger than we’d like, and I know ours isn’t the only family that has ever slipped up for a bit in the picture department. Don’t let it happen to you again! Working with families is some of the funnest times I have behind the lens. It’s not all about getting everyone sitting still and smiling; sure there’s a bit of that, but its more about seeing your natural interactions, and catching the special silly moments between you and your loved ones!

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