Mr. T — Day 12

This was the first time I haven’t been there for the birth of one of my niece and nephews, so it was all the more special getting to take these pictures of my newest nephew, Tanner Ryan. He topped the charts at 9lb 13oz, I’m thinking he’s going to outgrow his older brothers pretty quickly! I flew down when he was just shy of two weeks old, so he was not lacking in the baby rolls department and I was thrilled! I had so much fun snuggling and posing him, and he was so easy, just as long as his belly was full! I hope you love these shots as much as I do!

Have you ever seen such long hands and feet on such a little baby? I’m thinking he’ll be tall like his Titi! He got my pout, that’s for sure!
I love his little toes in this shot!
Honest to goodness, I’ve taken care of many a babe in my day, and I have never met one who can sleep though such ruckus as Tanner can! This is a rowdy bunch and I’m sure he’ll be joining in on the fun in no time. And yes, I do think it’s unfair what beautiful children my sister makes.
This is my favorite sequence! All weekend long Logan had been asking to hold “Tannew Wyan” and I just love their expressions when they finally got to. It’s like Jack’s saying “Woah dude! We’re actually holding him!” Watching the way Logan loves him so already was just awesome to see.
Four children, four years old and younger, and all three toddlers looking and smiling. I never thought I’d get so lucky with this shot!
Big ol’ belly, in a milk coma…
My mom has made a quilt for each of her grandkids. Since Tanner is the first baby to be born since they moved to the farm, his quilt aptly has barns all over it and served as the backdrop for these few. The smile shot here is probably my favorite of the whole set!
Caught in action: sleepy-smiley yawn. 
Well howdy cowboy! I think my sister overestimated how big his head would be! We’ll be using the set again when I go back down at the end of the month!
My sister snapped this shot of my last kiss and snuggle before heading to the airport. It was so hard to leave! I can’t wait to get back!

And that’s all she wrote! I am honestly so proud of the images I created and can’t wait to continue on this journey and keep learning. I loved every minute of it! To view, print or save the full-sized shots check out the PASS gallery here!

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