With a cherry on top!

So first up on the Kruse Invasion Docket was getting down to the mall to see the cherry blossoms. I had been keeping track of the bloom schedule since early February, hoping it would fall late enough for them too see it. Originally it was set for mid-late March, and as much as I hated the elongated winter and waking up to 4 inches of snow a week into March, I was also excited knowing every cold snap would push bloom back more and more. Lo and behold, peak bloom arrived just after they did!

Remember how I mentioned having our days planned out? And remember how I said that plans and Justices don’t mix? Well I slotted out one day to spend at the mall, getting pictures by the cherry blossoms, seeing the monuments. I didn’t factor in any museums, because with three kids four and under, I didn’t even think the “cool” museum had enough space ships to hold those kids’ attentions. Mimi had other plans and wanted to go see the big elephant (tried and true Bama fan) in the Museum of Natural History. It was a well chosen detour; the kids loved all the animals, and it was a great break from the 95 degree heat they brought with them from FL. I also didn’t factor in the prego-pace, partly because she’s literally been pregnant for like 5 years now so it’s become the norm and partly because she’s like superwoman so even when she is 7 months pregnant I still think she can do it all.

So by two o’clock it became obvious that sweaty tired kids would not be down for any blossom pics so we just enjoyed the day and made our way down to the Lincoln Memorial. (Cue tree wanting to name baby #4 Lincoln.) So we went home put the kiddies down early, played some dominoes, and got an early start the next morning with a plan in mind. Breakfast to-go from Georgetown Cupcakes, then a picnic under the cherry blossom trees. I’ve lived in DC for 15 months now, and I still hadn’t been to Georgetown Cupcakes. After a year, I figured I might as well wait another three months and go with my sister since we’re both obsessed. We got there 5 minutes before they opened, walked right in, got our flavor of the day freebie then a dozen assorted others because they just looked too good to pass up!

First stop day one: picnic lunch on the mall in front of an out-of-order carousel: Mommy/Auntie FAIL.

Serisouly, my love for her is crazy. She’s just her own little person already. It’s awesome. And so are her DCs.

My sister, channeling the giraffe. I wish I had gotten just one photo of someone gawking at this stroller. People are ridiculous.But really what is cuter than boys in baseball caps?Oh yeah, boys in backwards baseball caps.
A peek of the magic.We picked the hubby up from work on the way home, but there was only one seat left in the van. I wish I could say this was the first time we’ve forced him to squeeze back there. Such a trooper. Day 2: Nana is very adept at holding herself up. Don’t know what she’ll do when that baby comes out. Now for the cupcakes!I could take pictures of her for days and it wouldn’t be enough. Favorite sequence. He holds a special place in my heart. The Cartwheel King-As Mommy so nicely pointed out, it’s better than Titi could ever do.Mom and her girls. Have I mentioned I’m a giant in my family? (Sidenote: sunlight lessons had not yet been learned. Hey there, shadow central.) The Jefferson is the prettiest Memorial this time of year.The infamous “What, Mom?” face.Pit-Stop.Our last stop before the car. And yes, prego was down to just the moo-moo socks she borrowed from yours truly because her feet were killing her.

That’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed the show. I have one more small set to share from the visit, and I promise it’s finger-lickin’ good so stay tuned!

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April 23, 2013 - 11:03 am

Aunt Sherri - Taryn, you truly are GREAT @ taking photos !!!! Love looking @ all your beautiful photos….

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