Out of the Gate

I literally just started (as in my first DSLR was my combo Valentine’s/B-Day gift, and I’m currently working my way through a Dummies book figuring out how to do manual), and I’m having to check my jump-in-head-first tendencies every day because I really want to do this right. I don’t want a hobby, I want a profession, and reading through the LSI (Learn Shoot Inspire, my new favorite resource) blog posts the past few days (currently on page 24 and I can’t stop, OCD is another tendency I check on a daily basis) I have already learned so much and realized this is going to be a journey, hopefully a lifetime one. I think I’m at a perfect starting point too. In almost every LSI interview I’ve come across so far, all of these amazing professionals have listed their kids as their reason for starting, their desire to capture all of their firsts with something a little better than a point and shoot. I’m sure if I had waited another 5 years or so my answer would have been the same. But right now, it’s just the two of us (plus two adorable puppies who already run away the minute I reach for my camera). We just got married, and we’re not yet ready to start having kids. (Despite my constant heart-melting urges to the contrary every time I see a baby or a belly, I know that this is true.) So what could be better right now than following a dream that will allow me to make babies giggle and kiddos laugh on a daily basis? That is something I have missed so much since moving away from my niece and nephews. There is just something so special about being around children. Can they drive you up a wall at times? Yes — my broken 1 key is a constant reminder of that, thanks Lo. But they also have moments of pure innocence and joy which make you feel more alive and happy than anything else in the world. I consider myself lucky to have an outlet for my passions to fill the 9-5 while my hubby is at work, and I think he will feel even luckier if that outlet helps quell the baby fever that’s been running rampant as of late. =)

So my big goal is to learn as much as I can and build a portfolio so I can be in business by the end of the year. Lucky for me my sister is a baby factory, come June she’s about to have four kids 4&under, so I have my fair share of quasi-willing models. She’s coming for a visit with the kiddies and my mama in one month (let’s hope our little apartment survives) so I’m trying to gain enough know-how by then to take some maternity shots. Until then this is Snowcap, the more willing of my current subjects.

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