Niecelette Number Two is Almost Here!

Well I figured I needed to get around to blogging this session before my newest little niecelette makes her grand arrival. I’m still betting on May 4th, but I’m secretly hoping for later so I can fly down when she’s all fresh and new! I flew down in March for my sister-in-law’s baby shower, and of course we had to go out on my sister’s land to get some pictures! First up was their request, completely with shoes bought by your’s truly. Between me and her mother this little girl will have a deep love and respect for shoes, as it should be!

Justice, Vanessa - Maternity-Collage 1Seriously, could she be any more beautiful? And that bump?? It’s perfect! I can’t wait to meet her! This shot below? Probably one of my favorites of my brother. He is so awesomely anxious and excited to become a dad, and I know he’ll be a great one!Justice, Vanessa - Maternity-Collage 2Justice, Vanessa - Maternity-Collage 3No doubt with these two as parents, she’s gonna be a beauty! And raised in a house of love!Justice, Vanessa - Maternity-Collage 4Mostly stuff likes this makes me either roll my eyes or want to puke. But in this case I couldn’t help but laugh, and if you knew how much my brother loved cookies, you would laugh too. We’re talking hoarding Chips-Ahoy since he was 5 years old people. 😛Justice, Vanessa - Maternity-Paint Collage 2x2

It’s just so awesome to know that the next time I see them they’ll be a family of three! Until then!

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