Ryan Lee–Day 2

Guess who did their first Hello World session?! This girl! And I could not have picked a more special baby and family for it. Jen started babysitting me while I was still in the womb. My sister is my best friend, but she is also six years older than me, so there was a stretch of time while she was in high school when she found me super annoying, and I…well I was super annoying as little sisters are. Jen stepped in and went from babysitter to another big sister. When she got married and started having babies I got so excited that now I was going to get to babysit her kids! Kelly Mae, her first, was the first newborn I ever visited. Kel had the run of the house for 5 years until Megan came. I was up at college when she was born so I met her a few weeks later at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. One of my favorite memories ever is sitting in my parent’s room helping Kelly hold her new baby sister. She looked up at me and said, “You’re My Taryn, and you’ll always be My Taryn, but now you’re Megan’s Taryn too.” Of course I started crying like an idiot, but that’s who I’d always been to her since she started talking, Her Taryn. So then I became Megan’s Taryn, and then Will’s Taryn a few years after that. Then last weekend I became Ryan’s Taryn too. Having missed Megan and Will’s births, it was so special to be there for Jen and Dave’s last baby. I remember when she called me last Spring and told me they were expecting again. (Obviously I told her girl or boy she should name the baby Taryn after her favorite fourth child. :P) Ryan rounds out their family so perfectly, and considering he won the prize for the biggest chunk of the bunch, I don’t think he will be the littlest brother for very long! I absolutely adore these pictures, and I want to do so many more of these sessions!

Helton, Ryan Lee-Fresh 48-Collage-2Helton, Ryan Lee-Fresh 48-Collage-3Helton, Ryan Lee-Fresh 48-Collage-4Of course I had to hand the camera over to Liam and get some snuggles in. These shots I will cherish forever. Equally loved though quite a step up from the polaroid shot I have with Kel.Helton, Ryan Lee-Fresh 48-Collage-5

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