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It seems like once you decide to pursue professional photography the next step you have to take (apart from actually learning to shoot of course) is to figure out what type of photographer you want to be, and that’s been on my mind a lot lately. I’ve never really excelled at that whole narrowing down concept. I’ve always been the one to take on too much and go slightly crazy trying to accomplish it all. My wedding, for example, was a veritable who’s who of Pinterest-inspired DIY projects that were still getting finished right up until I walked down the aisle…and probably even after. So the idea of specializing in just one area of this wide world of photography is rather unsettling, and frankly incredibly unlikely for a scatterbrain such as myself.

However, there are a few styles I think I’ve put on the probably-not list. Scenic photography for instance is just far too lonely. As much as I’de love to travel the world, these past few months of unemployed-childless-housewifery have showed me that I need human interaction, more specifically: I need kids in my life, even if they’re not mine. Wedding photography is another one I don’t think I’ll ever delve into. I don’t think I could take the pressure of it all. Having been on the other side, I don’t think I have the guts for that kind once-in-a-lifetime moment. I know how much I cherish my photos from that day from our incredible photographer. I’m still too much of a perfectionist to trust myself to get it right the first time. And having scoured through the field, I know there are plenty of pros that excel in just that, no need to compete.

I know I want to work with kids, toddlers, babies–basically anyone who still has an imagination. But even within that category there’s a lot of narrowing that can be done, the kind of narrowing that as previously stated I’m just not interested in. I’m fascinated by lifestyle photography, as those are the type of images I’ve been trying to capture my whole life: the everyday moments. However, the best practice in this area is within your own house, but in my case the daily routine of puppies is pretty limited to eat, sleep, poop, and run around outside for a bit, and my husband is only willing to be the subject of so many photos. So until we move back closer to our families, or start our own little Ram-Fam, there’s not much practice I can get in this field without becoming that creeper with a camera in the park.

So that leaves me with portraits for now, which is a pretty good place to start if I do say so. Newborn photography in particular is so enchanting to me. I’ve always been slightly obsessed with those wee newbies: the smell, the cheeks, the little baby butt, the fluff of hair, the perfect little lashes, the gassy nonsense smiles. And as much as I want to capture the beautiful, ordinary, day-in-the-life photos, I also am stunned and envious of those jaw-dropping, perfectly-posed, completely-miraculous shots of those week old babes. I want to be able to capture those moments too, because they pass so quickly. As for the growing babies, toddlers and kiddos, I think anyone would be lucky to call working with them a job. They are just so innocent and imaginative. I honestly believe the purest joy you’ll ever know will happen while in the presence of children. And then there are family portraits. Having sat through enough standard stiff poses through childhood, and having organized most of ours through my teens, I understand both the importance, and the desire for a level of spontaneity within the session. There’s a not-so-fine line between fake, stationary smiles and wild sibling-squalling chaos, and I intend to dance across it!

Well, I think that’s enough babbling for today. As for the actual educational portion of my current endeavor, I’m actually getting to the meat and potatoes portions of my books, and I’m beginning to understand all of this mumbo jumbo. Yesterday, on a rare sunny afternoon (sidenote: that groundhog got it bass-ackwards; we had three inches of snow on Monday) we took the pups out back for awhile, and I played around in manual, trying to figure out the perfect shutter speed/aperture combo to catch them in action. Below are a few of my favs. I also messed around with them in Lightroom, which I’m loving more and more! (I’ve always been an editing junkie.)

NestlĂ© tracking a bird no doubt. They’re getting big for sure.

The dog-whisperer in action. I’m happy to be on the sidelines of the training adventure.

Little bubba is pretty darn good at fetch. This is mid-run, no blur – internal fist pump!

Oh that face!

Can’t wait for all of these trees to come to life again, the yard will be so pretty!

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